Know what you breathe

Midlothian Breathe wants to make learning about the air quality in our community as easy as possible.

  • Right now, we are voicing OUR CONCERNS about the recent Holcim permit request. In the future, we want to continue the dialogue to promote the best possible quality of air in Midlothian and surrounding areas.
  • It takes a lot of time and effort to pull together local air quality statistics. We've done that, so you can simply DIVE INTO THE DATA.
  • Recent medical studies indicate we can't breathe easy, even with current level of pollutants in our air today. Take a look at HEALTH EFFECTS and learn more about one major pollutant, particulate matter (PM).
  • Holcim is our current focus because of its imminent permit request. In past years, all three plants were called to task on needed upgrades to their technology to reduce emissions. Their efforts resulted in a decline in emissions — though Holcim's efforts weren't as effective as Ash Grove's or TXI's (now Martin Marietta). See the COMPARISON OF PLANTS to understand how each plant performs and how, together, they impact our community compared to other Texas counties and other cement plant locations nationwide.