Midlothian Breathe

Moms for Clean Air

Two Midlothian moms started this group — and others concerned citizens are joining — to find out more about the air we breathe.

Ever wonder about the effects of those smoke stacks, our area's increased traffic, and dusty industrial and construction activities? So do we.

Midlothian, sometimes referred to in the past as the "Cement Capitol of Texas," actually has a higher concentration of cement plants than any other place in the nation. Right now, that's on our minds because Holcim, the cement plant on Dove Lane and the worst polluter in North Texas, will now be permitted to burn more pet coke, a very dirty fuel. Find out more about our immediate and long-term goals to support local air quality.

Our purpose

  • Learn all we can about air quality issues facing Midlothian

  • Promote open, honest conversation between everyone affected

  • Find the best solutions for our community

Our hope

  • Accuracy, fairness and swift responses in addressing air quality issues