WANT TO HELP US BECOME STRONGER? Take a look at areas of interest below. Then email us at midlothianbreathe@gmail.com or message us on Facebook to join in. Of course, these aren't the only volunteer opportunities — all ideas are welcome!

Community outreach

Spreading the word. Fitness centers. Science clubs. Concerned friends. Youth sports teams. Groups in other nearby towns. Think of ways to let our community know what is happening, and then help us act on it.


Air monitoring: Support efforts to get more air quality sensors in our area. Because of current inadequate monitoring, we are organizing a grid of citizen monitors to help ensure local industry adheres to safe standards. See more

Science savvy analysis: Are you specially qualified to analyze technical data? 

Grant opportunities: Help us locate and apply for grants.


Fundraising: We need funds to help get the word out. Flyers, banners, Facebook ads, T-shirts...all of these extra efforts carry a cost. Also, there are expenses for professional services, like technical and legal reviews.