Informative meetings

Part of exploring local air quality is meeting with different individuals and agencies. This section summarizes what we've learned along the way.

Community Education on Air Monitoring and Expert Panel Discussion 

Zoom recording: March 11, 2021

Link to recorded meeting 

Kathy Rodrigue, Chief Appraiser, Ellis Count Appraisal District


Ellis County Appraisal District countersuit successful

In August 2018, the Ellis County Appraisal District filed a countersuit, defending its market valuation system and attempting to stem Holcim's annual filing of a property-tax-related lawsuit (see document below). After an initial favorable judgement for EAD, Holcim filed an appeal. Finally, in 2021, following years of litigation, Holcim lost that appeal. The Ellis County Appraisal District was able to protect, in its words, "the fundamental fairness principles embedded in the state’s appraisal system, which is designed to apportion the tax burden equitably among all taxpayers". 


"This highly unusual legal action by the EAD comes after years of lawsuits filed by Holcim. Holcim's lawsuits have forced the County, City and ISD to return millions of dollars to Holcim in recent tax years, depriving these public service providers of vital revenues, and essentially shifting the shared community burden onto other taxpayers." 

2018 Press Release - Ellis Appraisal District Files Countersuit to Cement Plant Owner's Annual Lawsuit 8-16-18.pdf