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Continuous monitoring done by TCEQ currently on hold

The official TCEQ monitor used to determine air quality in our area WAS positioned at 2725 Old Fort Worth Road, Midlothian, Texas. It was taken down in April 2022 due to construction in the area, so no comprehensive data has been gathered since this time. The state agency is not expected to reactivate monitoring until December 2023. 

Use TCEQ tools to explore historical data on individual pollutants over various dates until April 2022

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TCEQ response to ozone non-attainment

General summary of individual pollutants recorded in Midlothian

NOTE: The EPA-published standards for air pollutants use different units of measurement than the data provided on the TCEQ site (just makes things even more complicated). We share data using EPA's units of measurements to make the data we present easier to interpret.


Good news! New PM standards proposed by the EPA

The EPA released recommendations for new particulate matter (PM) levels in January 2023. They advise tightening up the primary annual standard for PM 2.5 from the current 12 micrograms per cubic meter to 9–10 micrograms per cubic meter. For now, the EPA is retaining the primary 24-hour standard of 35 micrograms per cubic meter, but is taking comments on lowering that to 25 micrograms per cubic meter. 

Midlothian Breathe supports EPA's proposed lower limits on PM pollution

The most recent annual emissions data from TCEQ continues to show that Midlothian's Holcim cement plant is still the largest source of total pollution emitted in the 10-county nonattainment area in North Texas. These 10 counties have been out of compliance with federal clean air laws for several years and include:

Also of note, Holcim's emissions have decreased over the past three reporting periods: 7,952.6 tons per year in 2019; 7,569.4 tons in 2020; and 6,515.4 tons in 2021. 

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