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Gerdau Midlothian Steel Mill
(a.k.a. Chaparral Steel Midlothian)
300 Ward Rd., Midlothian

Amendment of Permit 8097

Submitted Dec. 23, 2022

Contaminants emitted: 

What they want to do

As a major player in the market for solar farm steel support beams and specialty bar quality steel, Gerdau is applying to increase its annual production to 1,759,000 tons per year, resulting in a significant emissions increase. 

They have applied for an expedited permit request, paying the $10,000 fee, and also have paid an additional $75,000 to bypass the requirement to provide an estimate of the capital project cost.

Project construction is expected to start October 2023, with increased production slated to begin December 2023.

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